A Heart of Praise


Thank You for Your sufficient grace

Every time I come to seek Your face

In all my life and all my days

I desire to always give you praise

I am nothing but a short-lived grass

My life may wither just as fast

But in You, my Rock, I give my trust

The One whose love for me’s so vast

Today, I can say that I am exceedingly blessed

For God has given me His very best

With His righteousness, I have been dressed

My heart’s now filled with peace and rest

Forever I am not the same

For in my heart a Savior came

In He came to take the pain

The sun’s forever there even through the rain!

My Journey with WordPress

Hey! It’s been a year since I started blogging at WordPress. Really, every time I open my blog has been a wonderful time. I can share my heart, encourage and inspire, even hone my knacks and interests in writing and photography.

Well, changing the world won’t be that easy.  I still have to fight through a thousand boredoms, finish a hundred drafts, go to unknown places just to take those precious photos and  to pour and pour and pour my heart out.  I will still have to bring greater glory to my God for all of these won’t be enough to repay all that He’s done for me. This journey–I’m lovin’ it!

Happy Anniversary Dear WordPress!

The Wind | Life in Flight

O Breath of God, Life in flight,

You give height to more than just kites.

You fly with might for all of life,

Day and night, giving priceless delight

You blow the leaves and the clouds you row,

You touch my skin for me to know.

You’ve been here and there, to and fro

You’re by my side, you’ll never go.

Swallows and eagles can never soar,

Without your breath that you always pour.

Open the door for I need more,

Fill my lungs, my life, my core

You tell the trees and oceans to sing,

In my little ear, I can hear you humming.

Though I cannot see your mighty hovering,

You tell me of the King, O so loving!


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