The Journey of an Asthmatic

Asthma made me realize how precious it is to breathe again one more time.  

Every morning in usual days, when I gasp for air, I thank God for the ability to breathe normally and for having a day without having to cough and sniff for such a thousand times. I thank Him for the days that I never have to wheeze so as to put that annoying machine onto my nose and mouth, or to take medicines for days. But those struggle-free days—I seem to forget them whenever I come face-to- face with one of my adversaries , which I was battling with for many years now, Asthma.

If you happen to know the feeling of heavily panting, having clogged nose, cough and cold all at the same time, you may happen to comprehend with my distress. I have Allergic Rhinitis that makes it worse. Storming my nose first, the first phase of my asthma attacks lasts for a whole day. It usually starts with a runny nose and itchy eyes that is caused by allergens.  Such allergens include smoke, dust, animal hair, powdered stuff, pollen, even strong perfume among other things. Next thing is that dry cough that if gets worse,  stays for days.

I only know two kinds of Asthma. The one that strikes fast and leaves fast, and the one that lets you endure for at least a couple of days—that’s my guy.

Time slows down when you have this kind of ailment. A day feels like two or even three since sufferers struggle to sleep.  One  can barely leave his room for a reason of  awful weakness  and pants for just trying to go somewhere else.  Given that, Asthma sufferers could not make daily household chores happen, and even suspend  one’s schedule for work or school —it would double the trigger if the patients would not find time to rest.

Not being able to go to school, or not seeing my friends and loved ones during those days is somewhat  depressing. I thank God that I have my family that knows my distress.  They genuinely care and love me; even sacrificing their own strength, time, money , effort or their own health for my sake.

Most of us say not to admit the thought of having great problems, instead claim the greatness of God and His power.  There’s nothing wrong about that.  In fact, that’s absolutely the perfect thing to do. But in my case, it feels like the enemy is staring at me right in the eyes. Asthma still gets me down and depressed.  My asthma could have ruined my future but God rescues me. Yet, I am sure that God will give me a breakthrough.

What I am saying is, I accept the fact that my adversary is great. I accept the fact that I have no control over it. I accept the fact that this infirmity is gigantic for me. But you know what? The greatest, reliable fact that I believe among those facts is that GOD IS GREATER. He is able to do immeasurably far more than we could possibly ask, think or imagine. He is stronger than any sickness , disease or infirmity. Believing and dwelling on those things with all of my heart and mind, I gain new strength to persevere, fight and to refuse to be defeated .

Our weaknesses and the greatness of our walls and mountains, do not make God less stronger. In fact, the greatness of our harms and struggles exponentially magnify our perspetive of God’s power, strength and ability over all of it.

When a cough or cold is healed by God, we barely notice it. But when God heals cancer, we praise Him greatly for it. Why? Because we know that cancer is great. We know that cancer is lethal. We know that cancer is a real and deadly threat.

I consider asthma as a high wall that I could not overcome.  Maybe for now.  I asked God for healing for many times but still haven’t received it.  I asked Him as well for the reason that I have asthma,  like most people ask, ‘Why me?’ I ask myself, “ Is my faith insufficient? Is it defective? Have I failed God at trusting Him?”

Many people, when faced at life’s hard situations , ask the same questions. Most of the times, we only want the best things from God. We demand them from Him. But when the times come that we need to be tested or challenged, we become angry and question Him about His love for us.When Job’s wife told him to curse God after all that has happened to him, he said,”…Shall we indeed accept good from God and not accept adversity?”(2:10). There is a reason why I have asthma. I know there is. One day, I will be able to see clearly. I don’t have the right to question Him about His will. I know that He knows what He does and He has a perfect plan. Jeremiah 29:11 keeps ringing in my ears, “ For I know the plans I have for you, plans for welfare and not for calamity , plans to give you hope and a future.”

Right now, this is my mountain—and with my own ability, I don’t know how to overcome it—I couldn’t help myself. I’m helpless and  I need rescuing from God. One day (sooner), at the time of deliverance, I would crush this mountain from above and everybody would know that my God is the God who really heals!

Indeed, I don’t  love this, but I never hated it either. I just take it as a challenge to my faith like that of Job,  Abraham, Moses, Daniel, Joseph, David, Paul and most especially Jesus; believing that the testing of the faith produces endurance.

There is a purpose. I will not stop believing that one day, God will deliver me. I will not stop believing that God will strip my asthma away from me. I just can’t wait!   Let me share with you my life verse:

                And He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, that the power of Christ may dwell in me.  Therefore I am well content with weaknesses, with insults, with distresses, with persecutions, with difficulties for Christ’s sake; for when I am weak, then I am strong.         2 Corinthians 12:9-10                                            

Today, the world calls me asthmatic. Forever, the Lord calls me His own—  new and whole. To God be the glory!


Changes for the Better

Changes happen for betterment, for empowerment. At times, we take change as a threat. But If we desire to change the world, we must first change for ourselves–little by little, one step  at a time.  Bend. flow. turn. For the better.

As for this blog, SOARLIKEEAGLE, a similar change will be healthier. It’s not about changing the whole perspective and mission of the blog as others might think. A new blog name seems more fit for the content and feel of the blog. So I present to you, the Journey of a Hopeful!

What do you guys think?

My Journey with WordPress

Hey! It’s been a year since I started blogging at WordPress. Really, every time I open my blog has been a wonderful time. I can share my heart, encourage and inspire, even hone my knacks and interests in writing and photography.

Well, changing the world won’t be that easy.  I still have to fight through a thousand boredoms, finish a hundred drafts, go to unknown places just to take those precious photos and  to pour and pour and pour my heart out.  I will still have to bring greater glory to my God for all of these won’t be enough to repay all that He’s done for me. This journey–I’m lovin’ it!

Happy Anniversary Dear WordPress!

The Code of True Happiness and Success


Find positive things in others

Do acts of random kindness


Do not judge

Be responsible

Stop procrastinating


Value your time

Don’t waste money

Focus on needs not wants

Do it now

Always do your best

Study hard

Work hard

Keep yourself in the presence of happy people

Shine your light

Value your friends

Be content

Lessen unimportant and pointless activities

You can still have senseless activities and have a good laugh

Shun bad and negative thoughts

Be optimistic

Save money

Prove yourself trustworthy

Love more

Have true fun in the presence of loved ones


Long for sweet dreams

Be sociable

Get out of the box

Lessen your time on the internet

Do something different

Get out, enjoy nature


Get in love

Always have enough sleep

Eat well


Have a healthy, balanced diet

Keep your house clean

Be courteous

Smile and laugh

Know God

Be punctual

Show appreciation

Pass up regret

Have good hygiene

Let go

Reward yourself for a job well done

Read your bible

Accept corrections

Read books

Know yourself

Leave the dim past behind

Love people like yourself

Learn from mistakes

Rise early

Be meek

Have a hobby

Be confident

Hug people

Freshen up

Listen more

Take deep breaths once in a while

Share your knowledge

Love yourself

Have a sweet pet


Keep yourself in the presence of God

Never stop growing

Strive to be excellent

Always love


Do you want to add something to this list? Write on the comments box!:)

Our Heroes

Eyes are filled with tears, thousands of homes and hundreds of lives are lost. Almost the entire Visayan region here in the Philippines is devastated by Typhoon Yolanda. Streets are impassable due to debris of ruined houses. Corpses are rotting, leaving a reeking stench everywhere.  Most survivors are starving and dehydrated, hospitals are jam-packed with patients and children are already dying from sicknesses that require medicine that their families couldn’t afford.

The whole picture is very discouraging; crammed with utter chaos and soiled with sorrow. However, there is a bigger sight that we need to witness, an awakening, the stirring of heroism and unity is becoming the new hope for the sufferers and for the whole country as well.     

More than being dispirited and cynical,  I became much more confident that the Philippines will get by this mishap easier. I was in awe seeing all kinds of people and ages, from all walks of life, with different social status, stand hand in hand helping the Visayan Region and the Philippines to be on its feet again from its unexpected fall. Every private and public organization is doing their contributions to boost and quicken the relief given to the victims. I’ve heard about different countries doing more than just pouring their sentiments but really helping, lending hands, sending help and donations from all around the world. I saw different people sacrificing and lending everything they could give. Celebrities and people we look up to are there in the site, encouraging people and telling them of hope and endurance. 

Every little thing that we do to help our brothers and sisters will go a long way. Surely, our sacrifices may go unpaid off, but still, the help we’ll give will be priceless to those who will receive it. It will forever remain in their hearts and memories that for the moment they needed us, we were there. 

Our heroes, we can never thank each of you for all your efforts to help the Philippines to rise again, one thing is for sure— from the bottom of the heart of the Filipino, “Salamat sa kabayanihan mo, kapatid!”  Thanks for your heroism, brothers and sisters!        

“Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God” Hebrews 13:16

To Save a Life

Blood-letting, life-giving

Have you ever saved a life? In many ways, I think you did already.

Saving a life may mean rescuing someone from an afire and collapsing building or pushing a child out of the way of a speedy vehicle, but there’s more to saving a life than just pulling out someone from literal danger and peril.

Sharing a joke, tapping a shoulder, offering help and just plain appreciation could mean pleasantly different to other people. Most of the time, these acts of random kindness and affection come from the very heart of hearts; they don’t need or want anything in return or ask a simple ‘thanks’. These things show how much we care~and when people see this sincerity, things may never be the same again.

A helping hand stretches out from a sincere and willing heart.

Simple words and kindly, generous efforts can change a lifestyle. They fashion a better person, a better family, a better society, a better nation, a better world.

Shine your light, share The Love, save a life.


The First Lesson

From this day on, I promise to inspire more than to preach, to encourage more than to sympathize, to SOARLIKEEAGLE upon the better heights of life than to swim deep in its trenches.

For me, sharing is heavyweight. I am still young, I got a lot to learn. The journey is great, and I’m enjoying it.