A Heart of Praise


Thank You for Your sufficient grace

Every time I come to seek Your face

In all my life and all my days

I desire to always give you praise

I am nothing but a short-lived grass

My life may wither just as fast

But in You, my Rock, I give my trust

The One whose love for me’s so vast

Today, I can say that I am exceedingly blessed

For God has given me His very best

With His righteousness, I have been dressed

My heart’s now filled with peace and rest

Forever I am not the same

For in my heart a Savior came

In He came to take the pain

The sun’s forever there even through the rain!


Since the day our eyes first met

I have been dreaming of you and me

Things and dates, I now forget

For all your smiles filled my memory

Why does it feel so right?

When all others say its inappropriate

Its getting really hard to fight

I’m starting to feel inaccurate

I feel a bit awkward and uneasy

But not really bitter and unhappy

These dreams of you and me

Keep struggling for actuality

Is love really this surreal?

Both high and wide, so deep yet so simple

the bliss I feel makes the wounds to heal

Every time you’re beside me my world trembles


Change your heart to change the world


To change the world. That is the calling of SOARLIKEEAGLE, my one and only beloved blog. It is true. One can change the world by beginning with himself. Renew the mind, purify the heart, change yourself before attempting to change the world. As the song said, “If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself then make the change” -Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson.

Changing the world, in its own terms, may not be so easy. But I think, it may not be as hard as well. Not impossible neither unreachable. If every man and every woman will change for the better, maybe thus the world will change. If everyone will make an impact even to only two or three persons in his lifetime, maybe that two or three people will make an impact also to two or three people. We don’t know. But that’s better than doing nothing. Remember, nothing is impossible to him who believes.


This world is like a mountain.
Your echo depends on you.
If you scream good things,
the world will give it back.
If you scream bad things,
the world will give it back.
Even if someone speaks badly about you,
speak well about him.
Change your heart to change the world

~ Shams Tabrizi
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To my Everdearest,


Hey! Do you know that I am so in love with you? Do you know that I am deeply and greatly in love with you? From even the first of firsts I have loved and adored you. You are the apple of my eye. I love gazing at you day after day, each and every moment of your life. My thoughts toward you are countless. You are precious. You are wonderful!

Has anyone told you that you’re unloved, alone, useless or pathetic? I tell you, you are not. How do I know? I know all things! and I know you. For I, with my own bare hands, have made, formed and created you. You are not a mistake. No, never! You are a super masterpiece. You are my treasure! Never believe those who tell you that you’re ugly or unattractive because I, in my own image, have molded you, fearfully and wonderfully. I delight in you!


By this time, perhaps you already know who I am. I want to lavish this love on you. I want you to know me; who I am and what I feel for you, so please continue reading.

Some people think of me as a fabrication of the mind. Others say that I’m just a person and some acknowledge my existence but deems of me as distant and unfriendly, snobbish or even deaf. I am not. I even hear your heart. Happiness, excitement, feelings of warmth and love, all of your sobs and wails, your losses, hurts and disappointments, even your fears, suspicions and worries. It doesn’t mean that when you don’t hear or see me, I am not there. I have always been by your side–waiting for you to notice and know me. Always able and available; with open arms, I will accept you as you are.

Feel your heart. Each beat comes from my hand. I am your life-giver. The air you breathe and the food you eat are all for you to have life. I sustain you and give you strength. Every good thing that you see around you comes from me. I know all that you need and  will provide for them because I care for you. Even the best of your future is in my hand. A future that has been always filled with hope.

I am a friend. I am a brother. I am the Perfect Father. I want to comfort you in all of your troubles. I want to fill you with peace and joy. I desire to make you stronger and stronger through the trials that you face. I am faithful. I will never leave you nor forsake you. I will never let you go. Unlike people, I am always, ever-true to my promises. Are you weary? Come to me and I will give you calming and comforting rest; for I am kind and I am gracious. I am good. I will never stop doing good to you. I am who I am. I am love itself. I love you more than you could ever know. These words are not enough to describe how much I care and adore you.


My child, I hurt when I see you hurting. Every time you cry, I always feel your pain. That is why I always desired and longed to be with you. I can give you joy in the midst of your trials. Cling to me and you will feel peace like you never, ever felt before. These things I can give you, if you would just let me.

Child, I can show great things if you would call to me. Seek me with all of your heart and you will find me. Delight in me and I will give you the desires of your heart. I can do all things and I am able to do immeasurably far more than you could possibly imagine.

I love you and I will never stop loving you. I died on the cross in your place, not wanting anyone to perish but for all to come to repentance. To tell you that I am not counting your shortcomings;  and to save you from the bondage of sin. I love you this much. I gave up my life so that you and I could be reconciled.

If you will accept my gift of salvation, nothing will ever separate you from my love again.

I am your Father and will always be your Father.

P.S. I am waiting for you.


With an Everlasting Love,

Daddy, Almighty God

The Author of Color

The Author of Colors

From the shades of fall to the glow of spring
His beauty and glory is undoubtedly seen
He sends forth life to everything by hue
And breathes vigor to anything melancholy and blue
He casts a league of colors behind the cerulean sky
To tell the end of the rain, time for radiant light
Turning lives once somber as ebony
To new creation white as ivory

Weekly Writing Challenge: 1000 Words | Play with Me


Photo by Michelle Weber

Hi! My name is Abby. Today, My mom granted me a long-awaited permission to go to the playground in our community park. I’ve been bugging her since spring came. I never felt this excited before! I’m so, so happy!

I’ve been there before~there are lots of happy kids that play with each other~most of them are with their parents (and pets). I can still remember that joyous moment when I hear children of my age or older shouting and dancing, even singing in unison with the rustling wind through the greener leaves and grass. The playground, as far as I can remember, is very colorful, there are these slides and swings and monkey bars that’s swarming with children whose smiles and laughter were unmistakably priceless.

When I saw those kids, I thought Mom was wrong. She said that all people has problems so my condition is not as far from normal. We went to the doctors lately and they said it was Lokami? Luki…ma…Leukemia! That’s the word. I don’t really know what that is but I guess it’s not that serious after all. Mom said going outside is a little bit bad for every kid so I guess its not about my sickness that she seldom let me outside the apartment. But this time she did! though she can’t come with me (the playground is just a block away anyways), I’m still very happy.

I wore my favorite shirt and my Hello Kitty pants. I put on my old shoes and tied my hair. I knew Mom’s a bit worried when I ran to kiss her goodbye but she said ‘take good care’ anyways.         

But at the park, no one wanted to play with me. Why? I don’t really know. Who wants to play with me?

Weekly Writing Challenge: 1000 Words

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After the Rain


The thick, dark clouds are moving away

As they reveal the sun’s strong prevailing rays

Darkness and gloom came to a fading end

The rainbow appears, humbly and gloriously bent

I hear the music of birds’ chirping

Of little children shouting and singing

I can’t hide the joy of seeing the sun once anew

A blessing of hope, magnifying daylight’s value

Dull days and cold nights are over

Now dancing under sunlight’s warm harbor

For once I thought, life for me is already dawning

There maybe pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning.


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