Daily Prompt: Pants on Fire | Papercrafted



Beautiful, isn’t it? This is a paper flower displayed in our church.:)

Daily Prompt: Pants on Fire


Daily Prompt: Too Soon? | Funny Faces Galore!


Throwback! I searched the world to find these fun pictures. These are few of the funny memories of me, my friends and my loved ones forgetting about the rest of the world. Funny faces really make me laugh my guts out. Do you find this funny?:)

Thanks to the people who make me smile, heehaw, giggle, grin and beam, chuckle and chortle, snicker, sniggle and snigger: I could’t be the same without you. Loves!

Daily Prompt: Too Soon?

Daily Prompt: Life Line (To All the Hands)

You have more to do than just exist

There’s more to you than just to miss

To work and tire are not your only tasks

You and your brother has work, so vast

Keep the fractured soul from breaking

Preserve those tears and stop them from falling

Clap a cluster, tap a shoulder and hold another

Show your owner’s feelings~compassionate and tender

Do not yield to the clingy, betraying lusts

For other lives  may crumble just as fast

Do the finest of the best that you can

Change the world, help somebody, transform a man