The Code of True Happiness and Success


Find positive things in others

Do acts of random kindness


Do not judge

Be responsible

Stop procrastinating


Value your time

Don’t waste money

Focus on needs not wants

Do it now

Always do your best

Study hard

Work hard

Keep yourself in the presence of happy people

Shine your light

Value your friends

Be content

Lessen unimportant and pointless activities

You can still have senseless activities and have a good laugh

Shun bad and negative thoughts

Be optimistic

Save money

Prove yourself trustworthy

Love more

Have true fun in the presence of loved ones


Long for sweet dreams

Be sociable

Get out of the box

Lessen your time on the internet

Do something different

Get out, enjoy nature


Get in love

Always have enough sleep

Eat well


Have a healthy, balanced diet

Keep your house clean

Be courteous

Smile and laugh

Know God

Be punctual

Show appreciation

Pass up regret

Have good hygiene

Let go

Reward yourself for a job well done

Read your bible

Accept corrections

Read books

Know yourself

Leave the dim past behind

Love people like yourself

Learn from mistakes

Rise early

Be meek

Have a hobby

Be confident

Hug people

Freshen up

Listen more

Take deep breaths once in a while

Share your knowledge

Love yourself

Have a sweet pet


Keep yourself in the presence of God

Never stop growing

Strive to be excellent

Always love


Do you want to add something to this list? Write on the comments box!:)



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