Weekly Writing Challenge: 1000 Words | Play with Me


Photo by Michelle Weber

Hi! My name is Abby. Today, My mom granted me a long-awaited permission to go to the playground in our community park. I’ve been bugging her since spring came. I never felt this excited before! I’m so, so happy!

I’ve been there before~there are lots of happy kids that play with each other~most of them are with their parents (and pets). I can still remember that joyous moment when I hear children of my age or older shouting and dancing, even singing in unison with the rustling wind through the greener leaves and grass. The playground, as far as I can remember, is very colorful, there are these slides and swings and monkey bars that’s swarming with children whose smiles and laughter were unmistakably priceless.

When I saw those kids, I thought Mom was wrong. She said that all people has problems so my condition is not as far from normal. We went to the doctors lately and they said it was Lokami? Luki…ma…Leukemia! That’s the word. I don’t really know what that is but I guess it’s not that serious after all. Mom said going outside is a little bit bad for every kid so I guess its not about my sickness that she seldom let me outside the apartment. But this time she did! though she can’t come with me (the playground is just a block away anyways), I’m still very happy.

I wore my favorite shirt and my Hello Kitty pants. I put on my old shoes and tied my hair. I knew Mom’s a bit worried when I ran to kiss her goodbye but she said ‘take good care’ anyways.         

But at the park, no one wanted to play with me. Why? I don’t really know. Who wants to play with me?

Weekly Writing Challenge: 1000 Words

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