To Save a Life

Blood-letting, life-giving

Have you ever saved a life? In many ways, I think you did already.

Saving a life may mean rescuing someone from an afire and collapsing building or pushing a child out of the way of a speedy vehicle, but there’s more to saving a life than just pulling out someone from literal danger and peril.

Sharing a joke, tapping a shoulder, offering help and just plain appreciation could mean pleasantly different to other people. Most of the time, these acts of random kindness and affection come from the very heart of hearts; they don’t need or want anything in return or ask a simple ‘thanks’. These things show how much we care~and when people see this sincerity, things may never be the same again.

A helping hand stretches out from a sincere and willing heart.

Simple words and kindly, generous efforts can change a lifestyle. They fashion a better person, a better family, a better society, a better nation, a better world.

Shine your light, share The Love, save a life.



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