Do not Fret

Even in brokenness and despair,

I’ll cry, “My God is good, He always cares.

In darkness and trials, His light shines brighter,

In weakness and heartaches there I become stronger.

My God is faithful, help is on the way,

Do not fret, do not falter; the same, He will stay.

He knows and cares, He always do,

His Word and promises always remain true.

Tears will flow down my cheeks,

Because of gratitude for His amazing deeds.

Nothing compares to the strength of my God,

I will trust Him because He is my Loving Dad.

Whatever comes my way, I’ll see it through,

In my storms and valleys, He’ll be there too.

I’ll trust my Shepherd, in Him I’ll stand,

He will never cease holding my hand!

Nothing shall snatch me from His hand,

This love is more than I can stand.

You will quiet the winds and command the flood,

For that; I will be still and know You are God




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